A Strange Bequest, 1913

From the Aberdeen Daily Journal, 23 September 1913:

“Mr William Green, of Gardiner’s Place, Dublin, barrister, for some time editor of the Authorised Law Reports, left personal estate in the United Kingdom valued at £1059. The testator bequeathed £100, his books, pictures and medals, and a little wax doll in blue silk dress to his nephew, Murdock Green Foley, desiring that the photographs of his niece Vera and his dog Brandy and a watercolour picture given him by his nephew Edward Roper, and the said doll shall always be preserved in the family.

Touchingly sweet or distressingly sinister?

Beloved childhood treasure or ungodly Obeah poppet?

Either way, those dusty old reports on the shelves of the Law Library’s Irish Bay may never seem quite the same to you again…

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Author: Ruth Cannon BL

Irish barrister sharing the history of the Four Courts, Dublin, Ireland, and other Irish courts.

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