A Barrister’s Johnnie, 1924

From the Evening Herald, 7 March 1924:

At the Sessions today, before the Recorder, Mr Alex Lynn, BL, sued Mr Richard Mulcahy, as Minister of Defence, and Major General Guilfoyle for damages for loss of a wig and gown and a brief bag and contents alleged to have been seized by military forces at 23 Percy Place in the course of a raid.

Mr Lynn said he left the articles in the place which were the temporary office of the Cumann-na-mBan, and he visited the house as a leader writer.

Mr Costello, for the defence, said it was an official raid in which a number of documents were seized. The wig or other articles were not found in the place.

The Recorder said a barrister’s wig was at one time known as a barrister’s “Johnnie” (laughter). The claim was unsustainable, and he must dismiss it with costs.”

Women had been eligible to practise at the Irish Bar since 1919. I hope that a would-be barrister member of Cumann-na-mBan did not make off with the wig!

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Author: Ruth Cannon BL

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