Damages of £1000 awarded against former Lord Mayor of Dublin for Seducing his Own Daughter, 1846

Protest in Court by Barrister Imprisoned for Drilling during Irish War of Independence, 1918

Raining in the Courts, 1947-69

Octogenarian Heiress to Vast Estate Tracked Down by Newly Qualified Leitrim Solicitor, 1908

Church Street and Bow Street, 1884

A Barrister in Disguise: the Trial of Counsellor Tucker, 1840

No Great Gas: Lighting the Four Courts, 1856-1905

The Body under the Bed, 1864

A Peep at the Barrister’s Profession in Ireland, 1883

The Language of Love, 1901-1904

The Lady who Horsewhipped her Counsel, 1817

An American Journalist in the Dublin Police Court, 1907

Threatening a Barrister, 1870

Irish Judicial Costume, 1500s-1925

Haunted House no Defence to Rent Claim, Drogheda, 1890

The Irish Barrister and the Ghost, 1817

The Case of the Dead Man’s Finger, 1863

The Strange Saga of a Dublin Moneylender and her Descendants, 1830s-1929

The Penance of Christopher Pell, St Michan’s, 1725

The Stranger and the Juryman, 1908

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