Fighting over Girls in the Yard, 1836

From the Dublin Morning Register, 20 December 1836:

“Garret Moran and James Doolin, two nice-looking young lads, were next brought up, charged with drunkenness and disturbing the peace.

The watchman stated that he found them fighting in the yard of the Four Courts.

Moran declared that he had a situation there, and could go in and out when he liked; that when he was going in on Saturday night he met Doolin in the yard talking to some women and that without saying more he knocked him down.

The magistrate said it was shameful for those persons connected with the Four Courts to leave the yards open all night – that they were the rendezvous of robbers and pickpockets during the night.

A wag who was present said – Aye, and during the day.

The watchman stated that both young men were drunk.

Fined five shillings each.”

One thing is certain: this was not the first nor yet the last fisticuffs in the Four Courts yard!

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Author: Ruth Cannon BL

Irish barrister sharing the history of the Four Courts, Dublin, Ireland, and other Irish courts.

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