Whacksation of Costs, 1848

From the Cork Examiner, 14 June 1848:

“A fracas took place yesterday morning in the Four Courts between two professional gentlemen. The circumstance caused a good deal of conversation during the day.

The facts appeared as follows:- A solicitor of eminence lately had a medical gentleman as a client. The latter some time since left his former legal adviser and engaged another gentleman to transact his business. Last week a motion was made in the Rolls Court on foot of the medical gentleman that his former solicitor furnish his costs, and there was an order made. Yesterday the parties attended at the Master’s office to tax the costs, when an altercation took place between the medical and the legal gentleman relative to some item. Words followed, and the result was, that the medical gentleman applied his stick rather freely to the head of the other. A severe wound was inflicted, and the injured party was covered with blood in a moment. He was taken off to a medical establishment, where he received every attention. He shortly afterwards proceeded to his house.”

Although the process of taxation of costs can be a painful one, the pain is supposed to be to the pocket rather than the person. No one deserves to be hit both physically and financially in the same meeting!

I hope the poor solicitor obtained compensation for the injury suffered!

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Author: Ruth Cannon BL

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